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Re: Scamrock "Elite" Tournament

Dom Perigon
touney is weak- skill level low- but kids are having fun...
sorry your kid wasn't asked to play in this one

lol.. every kid I know was asked to play in this, they were begging for players and actually letting 05 Tier 1 white kids play as 04's because they were so short players !

Its not a big deal, mainly due to all of the other tournaments going on this week.

letting white kids to play in a hockey tournament? wow!

Re: Scamrock "Elite" Tournament

Great tourney for T1 parents to be able to tell co-workers their kid played "elite" this week!

Re: Scamrock "Elite" Tournament

How did the 05E kings do?

Re: Scamrock "Elite" Tournament

How did the 05E kings do?

What are you even trying to get at ???

Re: Scamrock "Elite" Tournament

Kid wasn't asked!!! Boooohooooooo
Maybe next year bud. Keep going to Lovell skills
he might get out of the BHL national