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JJ Rosato Classic

Good luck with this tournament that starts today. I'm sure it will be a great tribute.

Re: JJ Rosato Classic

Keeping the family in my thoughts today. #91 missed by so many.

Re: JJ Rosato Classic

It is a great tribute to a great kid. Lot of good hockey being played in all levels. Keyword being it is FUN for the kids. Now lets cue the Debbie Downers whining about the different leagues beating each other...

Re: JJ Rosato Classic

I don't know the back story on the kid. Please honor him here.

Re: JJ Rosato Classic

Great kid from a great family. Was a member of the 07 top gun team. He past away suddenly last December. If any of you have chance swing by the Icenter there is a silent auction, raffles among other things. All proceeds go towards a scholarship in JJ's name.

Re: JJ Rosato Classic

Anywhere online to contribute.