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Youth Hockey
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Re: Lovell

Exactly. Love the parents of Squirt players bad mouthing programs and acting like they are experts on the hockey landscape and they're 2-3 years into it. If they would just stay positive and listen and learn and enjoy their time they will end up better informed and with fewer ulcers.

Re: Lovell

Tier1 Elite League is a very good league however it is not formally junior hockey. It is considered an independent youth league even at the older levels.

Lovell currently does not have any junior teams. He tried to field a U20 team for the Knights and Giants and could not get enough players which is why he is slowly infiltrating the Northeast Generals.

Some criticize Lovell for not owning his own rinks and think it hurts him. Contrary to that belief he actually minimizes his financial risk. Not owning his own rink is not his problem. His biggest problem is not owning a formal Juniors program and the e9/BHL not being recognized as competitive.

Case in point. He put together a youth Lovell All-Star team and sent them to the Bauer Invite in Chicago a few months back and they got slaughtered. Did not win a game and only scored like one goal.

The youth glory he had was with his sons 02 team. That has come and gone. They were the best team he has fielded at the youth level and they still could not compete on a national level or even at the top team level of the Fed.

He has a very successful program however put things in perspective. He's simply not putting the number of kids in college as he promises for the money so the Northeast Grnetals is a better gateway to do so. You will see them rebranded for next season as 95 Giants. I hate to say it because I can't stand the organizations but he is trying to play catch-up to the Kings, Jr Bruins and Bandits junior programs which are highly successful. Heck he has tried to buy the Bandits many times but can't afford the asking price even for that crap organization. This is why the tale of him buying the BJR is simply that, a tale. He does not have the finances to do so. He also does not have the desire to try to turn that organization around.

Re: Lovell

Right, but the point was the guy confusing the T1EHL with the hockey designation of the various junior leagues not knowing people were talking about the league.

I don't see any panic in "trying to play catch-up to the Kings, Jr Bruins and Bandits junior programs." Hey they've been around a long time and they're pretty established so to work the NAHL angle they might actually be leap-frogging the pack in a few years.

I just don't get the whole animosity point of some posters though. It is a different program and they have done well, let's leave it at that. Yeah they charge more, but from what I've experienced with them they have more than delivered. When my son played there they had X number of games scheduled and X number of practices scheduled and we always had more games, more tournaments, more practices and if the kid wanted to spend more time at another practice or play on a different team they went out of their way to accommodate the kid. And then to see people posting on here "oh for that much money it comes out to $X per hour of practice and...and...and..." which was totally uninformed. All I know is those guys taught my kid how to actually skate and play the game and this was after 5-6 years of being in some pretty shoddy programs. Sure some people can't afford the extra cash but are those the same people that hate a driver in the car next to them because they're driving a Corvette and there is no way he can afford it?

Re: Lovell

Last 2 posters seem to agree and make valid points. Shocking for the board.

Re: Lovell

True. The tired haters - the guy who hates Walpole Express; the guy who hates everything about The Cape & hockey; the guy who hates the Capitals; the guy who hates Boston Advantage - is such a tired schpeial. As if one guy bad mouthing pretty successful programs (and we aren't talking wins and losses here) is taken as legit. So your kid didn't make a team, you can't afford a team, the owner is a mean guy....whatever.

Re: Lovell

Youth hockey is all about skill development. Lovell puts out a great skill program. If your kid goes to his practices and good skills and can't make it at the U14 level it is not the programs fault. Parents see that and understand kids went to the best and tried their best. If it doesn't pan out it doesn't pan out. That is why people love the Lovell's program

Re: Lovell

Wow, calling people bozo and you might want to learn a bit around here.. Tier I as in the 'Tier I Elite Hockey League'
Ummmmm, there is no U20 in T1EHL. The U18, U16 and U15 teams are in that league, but the U20s are a true independent.

Re: Lovell

So what's your point? That the previous poster is an idiot and didn't realize that that league does not have "juniors" in it?