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Re: Terriers a class organization

Dude, whatever.

Not that it makes any difference, but dude...

The hypocrisy on this board is hilarious. If this is a Lovell tournament and they change the rules to see an EHF team on the outside looking in, everyone is in huffs and puffs. Same if it were an EHF tournament affecting E9. Everyone would shout murder.

I am not nearly as much excited as you make me out to be. Plus I can at least make out two other parents in this thread. Stop assuming it is always the same guy keeping this thread alive, this is only my second post. Also, what is it with the condescending "you girls played a good tournament you should be happy with that". Ah now I remember, this board is for boys hockey only. Sorry my mistake.

Cheating, is cheating, it doesn't matter which tournament. If it is ok in this tournament then it should be ok at States, because at the end all that is different is the trophy handed out. So we all agree, it is ok to cheat, yes?

Boy -someone is bitter with the way life turned out...

Where are the rules stating the roster restrictions? A tournament team doesn't necessarily have to be the same team. In fact, the USA hockey rules say you can add a person to the roster even during the game when there's a stoppage in play!

Once the game has started, an eligible player or goalkeeper may be added to the scoresheet during a stoppage of play provided no players are deleted from the game roster and maximum roster size has not been exceeded.

So it doesn't sound like cheating. Sounds more like sour grapes on your part.

NOTE: I believe the team should play with the kids they have, not build something just for a tournament. Just Sayin'

Re: Terriers a class organization

Oh so sorry you lost. Tough to lose I get it. As far as teams pulling in kids from other teams that might be true. It's a tournament folks, a lot of times kids can't make tournaments so they ask other kids from other teams to play. That's a fact. I was at that tournament (not on a Terrier team) and can guarantee that most if not all teams had alternates playing. Really nothing wrong with it. Get over it, move on. Enjoy the rest of your time off with your families.

Also, have to agree Terrier organization one of the best around. Never really hear negatives about them.

three teams with the same record... and no I didn't lose. if anything the girls team got cheated out of a final spot. but hey, glad you like it at the terriers.

Re: Terriers a class organization

Tier 1 Terriers have been "borrowing" kids from the Elite team and even from other teams for years. Regular season, playoffs, tournaments, whatever.

Know who else does that? Breakers. Every time you play the South Shore teams they have different kids.

Re: Terriers a class organization

Relax and get use to it. By the time they're midgets you'll see a roster is hardly a fixed roster. One weekend a kid will be on one team and the next he shows up on another. Relax I hope the kids had fun and let's leave it at that.