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Re: New England Future Stars Hockey League

Bad hockey. Bad coaching. Lose every Sunday through summer.

It's horrible. Don't do it.

Total junk , better off finding a good skills clinic once a week , money would be better spent ....

like the other guy said it's low end VHL....

regardless what the all-summer-hockey-sucks-other-than-the-tournamens-my-kid-does crowds thinks, it depends what you want. My kid did it, and yes he got a spot guaranteed prior to the try-outs. Kid wanted to do something fun, low key. It is probably one of better organized summer leagues. The hockey doesn't suck but it is not great either. they do an all star competition which is fun. I am not a big fan of summer leagues/tourneys period. I rather spend my money on skills, more bang for your buck. It depends on your kid.