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Re: CCTA,Hurricanes,Bandits,BHL,E9,MPDHL

WN devastated the 06 level at the Bandits totally blew it up. Still don't understand how ownership allowed it to happen. His kid still plays there 05 tier1. Why BE allows him to let him run the show up there. Mind boggling at best

Re: CCTA,Hurricanes,Bandits,BHL,E9,MPDHL

except the tournaments I have seen this tear or maybe there is another MPHL that I am not aware of ?

Re: CCTA,Hurricanes,Bandits,BHL,E9,MPDHL

If you look at tournament records of the last few years you will notice that the MPDHL premier teams easily beat the BHL teams.

wait, are we talking about the league that the Conqy's, Express, Hurricanes, NE Stars, RiverHawks and Boston Stars play in ???

Re: CCTA,Hurricanes,Bandits,BHL,E9,MPDHL

It's not like they will have to play into the BHL. You buy your way in. None of the hurricanes teams will make the E9. Even with the 04 Bandits moving over to Hurricanes, they will not qualify for E9, they are basically tier 1 black lever playing elite.

Re: CCTA,Hurricanes,Bandits,BHL,E9,MPDHL

Wow you are spending a lot of time caring about WN and hurricanes team. Why do you care what he said and to whom? Worry about something that matters. If it has nothing to do with you or your child why spend so much time worrying about it..?