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Re: J J Rosato Tourney

To think a tourney about creating memories for children when one of their brethren passed suddenly is all about E9 vs EHF. Get a grip what it really is supposed to be about. Do you think a ten year old child gives a rat @ss if it was top/low caliber team/ what division or league someone is from versus just playing the game for a good cause. Look in the mirror and repeat-MY KID WONT BE IN THE NHL. Let them have some more fun for a few more years before it truly matters. Dads need to stop being idiots.


Re: J J Rosato Tourney

Great tournament. Lot of fun and for a good cause. For all you E9 haters out there, let it be known the the 2006 champs was the VJW team from the E9. Beat 4 EHF teams and tied the 5th, host team, knocking them out of the finals. Did this despite the refs calling penalties in favor of the EHF teams in an effort to help the EHF teams win. Didn't happen, and it goes to show that if you let the teams play the game on the ice, anything can happen. Next time it could be the EHF teams beating the E9 teams but regardless a lot of good hockey was played, close games, physical games, and a lot of up and down hockey. SO to end the year, it was good to see an E9 team get to play the EHF teams and prove that there is not much difference between the two leagues. So to all the E9 haters, give it a rest regarding which league is better and good luck the rest of your season. ;

Dear 06 VJW Dad,

You should be ashamed of yourselfafter making this post! Absolutely horrible.