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Re: 95 Giants to add at least one more rink

The Giants are the joke of club hockey right now. They are the most hated org in the league. They can not field a full team so they are mostly made up of alternates from other teams. They have hounded other programs for players all year and cause quite a riff on certain teams. So please stop acting like you are something special. If a kid is a legitimate alternate paying and attending practices then that is fine. If the player is being brought in just for games he is considered a "Scab" and unfortunately that is what this program is. Do not take like I am calling kids scabs but that what it is.

WOW, brand new program giving kids more opportunity than play hockey. You sound miserable. First, they are brand new teams. 2nd if you play in the EHF tier 1, there isle the Huskies. You either have 12 kids or 22 show up when you play them. Brand new, lots of Alternates. But why should that matter? Do you really expect a new program to field all full, solid teams at all levels? Your pathetic. Get a life. This is youth hockey

Re: 95 Giants to add at least one more rink

OP just shut your trap. These people are right, an organization anywhere that is trying to grow the sport in a region that needs a little help and all you can do is complain. Like mamma always said, 'if you don't have anything nice (or positive) to say then just keep it to yourself!'

Re: 95 Giants to add at least one more rink

Happy for new 95 Giants but be honest, really just a marginal T2 program at best. No way top Fed talent leaving to go play this level of hockey.