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Re: Daddy coach or not Daddy coach

If you are fortunate enough to have a non-daddy coach at the youth level, with no agenda, and knows how to translate the game to your kid then you have found the golden unicorn.
Found a "unicorn" last year, chose to stay with the team in large part because of it. Unicorn added a Daddy Coach for this year as a part of a package deal for players - if you want the players, you need to put me on the bench. By the time I knew about it, it was too late. Predictable results, too.

It always will be predictable - any Daddy who is determined through "deals" and butt kissing to be on the bench is a sign of trouble - he's either power hungry or his kid probably sucks, and most likely, both.

Same goes for the goaltender parents who INSIST their kid is the ONLY goaltender or they won't play.

These two groups of people will bring down a team fast.