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Re: 05 EHF Finals Rematch

soooo did you happen to see that the Eagles won both games and the Flames tied them on Sunday? Guess you need to think about what you said there... Gonna come down to these 3 and possibly the Isles at the end of the year

Wow, night owl you are 1:45 AM. My statement was made before the two teams played this past Saturday and the two games these teams previously played with MFR winning both. My new statement is the BJE's are the best team in the EHF right now. Things change week to week and month to month. I also see the BJE's moved up two spots to #5 in myhockey rankings. Good job.

Re: 05 EHF Finals Rematch

From November... it hurts how good mymyoh5 really is..

4. BJE - This team is loaded with talent. A couple of early season hiccups shouldn't be cause for alarm with this group. They're not the defending champs by accident. I'm guessing whatever party they throw on New Year's eve kicks them into high gear. They play their best hockey when it matters most. Right now, that's not happening and you land in the 4 spot.

Re: 05 EHF Finals Rematch

oh yeah - that list guy idiot! he must have a new garbage truck route, that's why he has not been around!

Re: 05 EHF Finals Rematch

since you have time...go back and review. Not list guy.. Try to keep up