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Re: 04 Bandits

No one said EN wasn't coming back to bandits? Or do you mean he is going to breakers or hurricanes?

Look at the top of this thread ..., "Hurricane parents lead to believe whole team and coach coming".

I believe there was another thread as well that got deleted

Re: 04 Bandits

You are taking a post on the dboard as truth ? Ha!

Re: 04 Bandits

You guys are nuts! Has anything on this board every really pannned out. I hear these rumors all the time, a lot center around the Bandits. Last year the winning percentage so low, they are being dropped from the EHF. Next year, the whole 04 team is moving, and the entire 06 Breakers team is coming over. Find a more reliable source of information. This formum is not it.
im not to sure about that I be heard of things that may have been true. But I'm still waiting

Give it a few minutes pal. Emails already going out to parents this morning from non returning coaches !!

Right, like the rumor the 04 goalie wasn't even coming back to the bandits for this season. Funny, just caught him in net a couple of weeks ago...during a Bandits game

I wouldn't pound your chest about that one, GAA doesn't look so pretty mommy.

Re: 04 Bandits

Goalie has no issues playing for TS been doing it for years.