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Re: 2005 JWK quarterfinals

This is was not an EHF Tournament. So the Elite division of the tournament had EHF Teams elite & tier 1 as well as elite teams from other leagues and independents.

Re: 2005 JWK quarterfinals

They should not call it Elite or Tier 1 if the competition is not Elite or Tier 1

Re: 2005 JWK quarterfinals

Elite simply means the highest level of ANY given organization, tournament or group. It is not reserved only for EHF members. It has been in the Webster dictionary for a while now. Get with the current times...saying your kid is in the EHF Elite is not impressive to anyone. It's over ... sorry Charlie your kid is going to have to do the work to be noticed! The EHF Elite label doesn't CUT IT. Tuition contributor is more likely the correct label

Re: 2005 JWK quarterfinals

Please get a clue my friend. Elite is the New England term for Tier 1, aaa is the New England term for Tier 2. You will not find a town organization with a elite team.
Elite or Tier 1 teams historically would not play Tier 2 teams because there was such a difference in talent and depth. Now, because talent is becoming so watered down with more teams and leagues, and parents that want to pay extra for little johnny to play on a team that is "elite or aaa".