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Re: 2 goalies or 1 goalie

the problem starts with the parents who think that "it screws things up". It gets screwed up because he give up more goals and you might actually lose? or is screws things up because little Timmy and little Johnny have to work harder and play better to limit the goalies exposure? BFD, play the game and have fun. Work hard and hopefully they come out with a win.

And do you actually think your 2nd goalie would be as good as your first anyway?? If they are both that good, one will be a #1 goalie somewhere else. No one that good is going to stay with a program to split time, or worse, be a backup.

Not true at all especially at a younger age. It is about developing and having fun.

Sometimes the goalies are equal, sometimes not. Sometimes they reverse roles over the course of a season

Agreed - both can be very good, depends on the work ethic and if the coach knows how to develop - which most don't, so they take the lazy way out.