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Re: What's up with the 05' Avalanche select team?

That team struggled for a couple years. The group stayed together and with a couple addition have really come together.
Kudos for a group that has stayed together and just plays hockey. Good luck guys

The 05 BHL American division needs more competitive teams and that may be the Avalanche and the Hurricans. There is a HUGE drop off after the Riffles, Sharks, and's just not fun to continually pound Boch, Jr. Bruins, and Warrior Selects over, and over, and over. We need more competitive teams in this division for sure.

The Avs may not be that team, there National schedule was front loaded with the weaker teams. They tied and played a few very close games with some of the middle of the pack teams, and they had not even played the top team before the move. This may have been a bit premature

Nail on the head several months back. Good Call ! Why did this team get moved up ? to get blown out every game, and have the kids struggle to get on the scoresheet.

Maybe woke up a few parents who thought they were at that level but this was premature as previously posted and those kids would have been happier winning it all in the National, than going winless in the American.