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Re: Tryouts Choices

had trouble understanding corky

Re: Tryouts Choices

FL Alliance kids both talked to coach in advance of making the move. Since they played for a top-team, they had golden tickets.

It seems some FL parents were worried their kids wouldn't get to play in the Q, so they packed up and went to teams that either had a charter (Compuware) or were a likely lock to qualify (IHC).

Re: Tryouts Choices

all bull tg has players in bhl worriors

Huh? tg isn't in the BHL and never could be. They're in the fed and usually in the cellar there too.

Re: Tryouts Choices

tg has players playing in bhl no no

Re: Tryouts Choices

04 IHC Elite team added a couple of out-of-state players this past year - anyone know if that was set up ahead of time based on previous knowledge of the players....or did they come to in-season skates?