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Re: Hockey Sticks?

Yes - "The important thing is the correct lie, a blade pattern he's used to, and the correct flex."

Gather around and let me tell you a bit about absolutely need to get it right. Youth, intermediate, adult...get the right stick for your kid.

Length - The old rules were stick to your nose in shoes and to your chin on skates - may danglers prefer shorter cut sticks while defensemen go full reach.

Flex - the old rule was half the kids weight. Now a tub-o-lard 200 pounder using a 100 flex stick is very different than a gym rat using a 100 flex stick but the kid will figure it out. Some local NHL'er talk about some of the biggest sharp shooters in the NHL today are using 67 flex sticks but they go through a couple a game it seems. And remember when you cut a bit off of the stick, the flex number goes higher.

Blade pattern is preference and what they become use to but I generally see defesnsemen going with less curve - longer passes and shots, less stick handling but then you see a Chara stick and it is bent to the max. Go look a a pile of 'Pro Stock' sticks and you tell me.

10 years ago the rage for young kids (up to Peewee) was composite shaft with a wooden blade glued in because it gave more feel to learn the game and more feel to catch a pass - not so much today.

Basically you get the right length without having to cut too much off and that gets you to youth / intermediate / adult. Work on the flex and then it's personal preference. But taking an adult stick and cutting a couple feet off of it and handing it to a Squirt is beyond stupid. Why not put him in size 13 skates too.

And yes last year's models might not be the coolest but at half price or less, that is the way to go.

Re: Hockey Sticks?

Re: Hockey Sticks?

Wow a DBoard post that makes sense and is helpful!

Re: Hockey Sticks?

It's not the wand, It's the magician !!

Re: Hockey Sticks?

Dirk Diggler would never say that!