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Re: North Shore Nordiques

Is this the same group as the Norsemen I watch play in the Islander 3on3?

Not the same group. The Norseman were thrown together to participate in the 3 on 3. Most of the kids go to the same skills class or have played on summer teams together and are friends outside the rink.

Some of those kids did play on the Nordiques over the past summer but this is a totally different team with no affiliation.

This group's obsession with northern territories smacks of some new form of bigotry

Re: North Shore Nordiques

Not sure if I would call a spring / summer alternative "below average"... depends on what you're looking for.

The 06 team has played at the Montreal Meltdown and did fairly well. Played the second division the first year and then moved up to the first division last year or the year before. The team primarily plays in local tournaments (Marlboro, Lobster Fest and then the Meltdown).

They should have a decent team at the 06 level but many kids are playing on other teams this spring and summer for some big tournament in Minnesota and another few tournaments in Canada.

I would say its not a bad alternative to the "bigger named" programs around here. It's 10 and 11 year old hockey so it get's the kids playing between lacrosse and baseball.

I don't think they're very strong