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Re: Rifles 07 coach at Falcons practices

well the 07 rifles can add some depth to the falcons roster. They have 3-4 kids that they should cut, # 12, 9, 27....complete benders,,Not sure why any player would want to go play there. Good luck at tryouts

I really hope you're just stirring the pot as we all like to do from time to time on this board and none of those numbers are actually rostered players. If they are actual players - your a complete d bag - they're 9, and you don't call out a 9 year old for being a bender.

Re: Rifles 07 coach at Falcons practices

benders are benders dude. no matter which way you flip it. The falcons have plenty of those. Not sure about if those are real numbers or not, but if they are , the poster is probably right.

Re: Rifles 07 coach at Falcons practices

you 07 parents are priceless.... especially the parents of the players called out