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Youth Hockey
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Re: Amesbury

Yes it may be a great facility, but as we have covered in a number of Seacoast posts, the draw for quality youth hockey up that way thins out. You are not going to get the families on the fringe of Boston to drive to Amesbury for practices a few times per week when there are plenty of other EHF or E9 options much closer.

Re: Amesbury

financing does not work with "if you build it they will come"
someone has made a large commitment to Amesbury
IHC boys in Merrimac, girls in hockey town, juniors in Tyngsboro
his ego is all over this facility
this would give him a Marlboro/flames facility
I understand. It's all right. It's hard to admit when you're wrong.

Re: Amesbury

Was told the Predators are moving to the new Amesbury rink.

Re: Amesbury

I just got a notification that the name - "Amesbury Jukes" has just filed for a trade mark.