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Re: Great coaches

agree 100% on the awards point. give it a minute and these dboard neanderthals will post something negative about awards. Best advice is to reach out to him about attending a practice. get a feel for his practice and if your son fits in, best of luck

Re: Great coaches

Depending on where you are south of Boston, Mike Mottau coaches the Breakers 05 elite team. The team is struggling record wise but even these geniuses on the dboard say go with the coach if the coach is good. Well, Hobey Baker winner at BC, BC HOF and NHL for 10 years. Pretty good resume, runs a great practices and is a great guy.

I don't know Mike and so I don't know whether he is a good coach or not. But awards as a player don't necessary translate into being a good coach. It shows you know how to play hockey, to teach hockey to young kids is a different issue. But as I said, maybe he is a great coach.

You sound like you're a lot of fun at parties...

Re: Great coaches

If you don't want to attract criticism or skepticism to your coach (and you don't), avoid posting specific names. Be smart people, especially if you really do have a great coach leading your kid's team. Don't f--k it up. Poster is either stupid or trying to get someone to say something bad about his kid's coach.

My son's coach was a great player and is an outstanding coach, but no way I'm putting his name out here. There's no hard and fast rule about great players translating to great coaches (or not). It's case-by-case, so do your homework.

Re: Great coaches


Re: Great coaches

This is so trivial..if you are interested in a team or coach call up and shadow at one of their practices! That's all there is to it.

Re: Great coaches

I am looking for a new team for my 05. At this point I don't care about tier 1, white, black, elite, e9, etc. I just want him to continue to love the sport and give it his all. If you know of a great 05 coach please tell me about him/her. Thanks

EL from the 05 Bandits is a great coach. The team sucks though. I don't know whether he still will be coaching next year, but if he is, he is a good coach.