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Re: Down Goes 07 IHC

What is the grand plan?
I agree that the team brings on the attention positive and negative but how is one tie in 60 games, against a top 12 team that they've beat 3 other times this season, a sign that things are cracking?

The grand plan is to repeat the accomplishment of his 2000 and win the Q. If you don't know that, you probably aren't qualified to comment on this thread.

And to clarify, I'm not saying they are cracking after one tie. I meant that people will pounce on this team after one upset that means nothing. This will be something parents of players on that team will need to deal with for the next four years. For many, that will be worth the opportunity for development that this team provides. They get a ton of ice and the best coaching they can find. No expense will be spared to achieve their goal.

Re: Down Goes 07 IHC

8/9 year olds?
You ma'am are a real winner!

Re: Down Goes 07 IHC