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Re: USHL is the path to the Beanpot: Facts

For everyone watching the Beanpot tonight and next week with their kids, keep these facts in mind:

1) Breakdown of USHL alumni in Top-5 scoring for each team:

BU - 5/5
BC - 4/5
NU - 4/5
Harvard - 4/5

2) 3 of 4 USHL alumni are leading their team in goal

3) Breakdown of USHL alumni on each roster:

NU - 19
BC - 17
Harvard - 16
BU - 15

4) Of the 36 NHL Draft Picks currently on rosters of the 4 Beanpot schools, 27 played in the USHL (75%)

So - while the junior programs in New England will try to brain wash you, keep these facts in mind!

Thanks for stating the obvious. Entire point of the USPHL is to have an alternative to the USHL so local players can stay and play locally instead of heading out west to the USHL. Its stupid that kids in the northeast, where many of the best hockey programs are have to go out west to play juniors.

Two major WRONGs with this. 1) the entire point of the USPHL is for the owners to make money as shown by their price hikes for their lower teams 2) the USPHL will never be an alternative for players to head out west to the USHL; it will forever be a secondary league for players who are not good enough to head out west and make a USHL team!!!

Why can't this change?

Granted the USHL has a huge gate and local fan support. It is highly unlikely that the USPHL will ever have either. Does not mean it cannot be successful and an alternative to Tier 2 or even Tier 1.

I have often heard that today's USPHL's top half are as good as most NAHL teams and that is today ( Not Free). Now with a new league NCDC ( Free), why would that not attract more local players, as well as players from throughout the USA and abroad, that may see this as a better fit.

If this league can support itself without the gate and fan support it may very well supplant the NAHL, BCHL, AJHL, etc and those currently on USHL rosters who are consistently scratched.

Again, kids go to the USHL for the level of play, not the free hockey.

Again, if the local D1 recruits stayed closer and played in the USPHL then the league would have a fantastic level of play. Thats the goal eventually. It will have to be driven by Hockey East coaches who will have to direct the players to stay and play in the USPHL so they can watch their development more closely. The logistics make sense - its just a matter of getting the level of hockey to be comparable to the USHL.

There aren't enough local D1 recruits to make this happen. I know that's a tough reality for the readers of this board, but there aren't.

Not true. If you can pull all D1 recruits from Northeast (New England, NY, NJ, PA, CT,etc) you would have enough players.

But AGAIN, they go to the USHL because it has the best college-bound players in the world all skating in one league. Enough with the what-if's. You psychotic longtime EHF blowhard parents that are now realizing that your 14 year old has no shot in hell of making the USHL, need to stop coming on this thread and trying to rationalize and convince yourself that the eastern league either is or can be as good.

The USHL is the absolute best, there is no comparison and no league comes even close. If you make a team, you go. If you are committed, your coach tells you to go. Why? Because it is basically the same pace as Division 1 hockey, and a year or two out there will allow you to step right in and make an impact at the college level. They play on olympic ice surfaces. It's not ten 20 year-olds jammed on two inches of ice at the new second rink at Merrimack College where you can't take two strides with the puck.

I get that some people are insecure, but the rationalizations you're making are pathetic. It would be like saying, "Well yeah America has the best army right now, but if all of the soldiers that are from East of the Mississippi moved to Canada, then their army would be just as good." Not gonna happen. End of story.

Dude! Why so Angry! Jeez!

Either your kid didn't make it or he did make it and he is so special, that certainly nobody else is worthy.

USHL is the best for sure and will probably be that way for a long time, maybe forever. To say that this new league may gain some footing and become a better alternative than the other Tier 2 & 3 leagues seems reasonable to me. Why wouldn't kids from the northeast or anywhere for that matter want to come play hockey in the backyard of 75% of the better ( hockey and academics) Division 1 and 3 teams in the country. If Sven from Sweden has a choice between playing in the Boston area or nowhere Texas ( NAHL) and the hockey is comparable, why wouldn't he? If Tommy from California gets cut from the USHL team and looking at NESCAC schools maybe this league makes perfect sense. Play a game on Saturday and tour Trinity, Wesleyan after the game and catch their game. Maybe the league really takes off and next thing you know they are comparable.

I don't get you people!! So Black and White. So petulant!