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Re: Crazy 04 parents

So after skimming through this post I am not clear who it is. Unreal and I witnessed it firsthand. They came into out place, beat us up twice in a day and at the end of the day I see this guy, arms waving carrying on at his coach about how bad the officiating was and their coaches don't ride the refs enough. Seriously??? They just won the two games. Give his coach all the credit in the world he just tuned away and walked up the stairs without engaging.

Must be the same guy who told a kid from opposing team to "Shut the F$&@ up" when the kid was talking to his parent. Class act right there

Re: Crazy 04 parents

the guy should be a coach at top gun meets al the requirments

Re: Crazy 04 parents

tg does not care about anyones kid or feelings