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Re: 06 - BA Dreamteam

god program. if you don't like it do play for them.

Can find much better for much less.

Re: 06 - BA Dreamteam

check out the scores, BA beat CYA 5-2, then lost 3-2 in shootout against CYA and beat Flyers plus Gulls over the weekend. VJW beat NJ Titans, Gulls and Flyers. Lost by a goal to CYA. So tell me where you see the total dominance of all other teams against the two best teams in E9? Whats that? huh? Can't hear you now. Next time show up and play games against E9 teams before you run your mouth.

Sure. Just like when the CYA people told you they were impressed with your level of play...... have fun spending another 15-20k this year to play in Hingham. Just think you will be the only returning player next year........

Next game take a gander over at your little benders team bench and picture, new faces, new coaches. It will be like that old Abbott and Costello comedy routine "Who's on First"...... "Who's playing forward, who's playing defense, who's playing goal?" What a riot!


Re: 06 - BA Dreamteam

How many spots are open over there? My kids a D / Forward / Goalie hybrid. Is there room, or will it be challenging to make roster.

Re: 06 - BA Dreamteam

Struggled to beat the Wizards so not much talent here.