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Re: Open House 2/26/17 TACC

MS seemed very sincere!
Would have like to hear from DH and TP, or some coaches but the master of ceremonies would not give up the microphone.
How many times did WN say me? I? or my ice? I am the biggest leaser of ice!
All about him.
It went from the only multiple sports complex in New England to Massachusetts then to the area. Well what is it?
WN then introduced the name and colors of the team. WN proceeded to put on the new uniform. The kids at our table said he(WN) looks like a dork!
MS said a few more words until WN interrupted him. Because evidently what he has to say is more important.

Not exactly sure how this open house thread fits in here..but we thought he looked like Elmer Fudd
See post #2 in this thread about 62 IQ. That will explain the "logic" of posting the open house thought here.