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Re: tryout fee question

Anon's called business

Like you don't make enough on the fees = give it a break.

Glad you are gone this someone else's headache..drunk.

Gone where? My player is a sophomore in high school, I just know the racket Truth hurts huh? Liar. (and btw, I don't drink - moron)

Go take another nap in the office.

Maybe your should drink. It clearly will give you something better to do than hang out on the youth dboard if your kid is in high school

I didn't know you had to have an active player to post - sorry whiner.

Oh, and maybe "your" should drink too. Uneducated blow hard.

You going to charge a fee for all the time I spend in your head dummy?

Not smart enough to know what I meant? Sorry auto-correct made it hard for you to understand. I guess my education must not be too bad because I re-read it and I'm pretty sure even the simplest of minds wouldn't have had a hard time knowing what I meant or figuring out it was unintentional. But the grammar police always come out when they have nothing better to say. Bet you type "sorry your kid got cut" frequently as well, right?

Wow, only took you 2 hours to respond - the space I take up in your head is amazing,

Unfortunately for you, it appears you are the only one impressed with what you think you are accomplishing on here. Now, to the OPs question. There are still fees for having the ice open. No fees would attract everyone and to see that those who are already offered contracts don't need to pay the fee? Well, it would be nice but they are in to make money. I don't like it either but it's minimal compared to the 3k+ we all pay for a season.