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Re: Town vs. Club

I tend to agree with - 'If you honestly believe that many Marshfield kids did not play for Breakers, jr Terriers, Advantage, etc and many Walpole kids did not play for Boch, kings, Knights you are nuts.'

Re: Town vs. Club

Well it's official folks the town players defeated the club players in 2 high school games last night. After reviewing both rosters most of the public kids grew up playing town hockey while the privates played club. Thank you CM and AP now go warm up the bus.

Yep, that's it. It's official.
Now why is it town people are so defensive and have to pump their chest? And how do you think one game proves anything?
I'm not insecure about where my kid plays, why are you?

they do it because every FED idiot Parent on the board has to justify the $4000 the spend on the season and constantly put the the town programs down.

I don't spend $4K on my Son and I don't put town down and I rarely hear comments from other families on my Son's team. I think there is too much sensitivity on your part

Name me one organization where the tuition isnt 3200-3800 plus little benders sweatshirt, hat, bag, socks, Under Armour, gloves, pants, practice jerseys, sweatpants helmet , backpack, team jacket are all included. If your playing "elite" hockey then yes, you are paying $4000 plus a year.

and you must frequent the Dboard much because that is all you hear from these morons living vicariously through their kids and posting on the Dboard about their benders.

Re: Town vs. Club

Let me put this argument to bed right now. My son is on the Walpole team. Not a single player That touched the ice last night or all season played town after squirts. There are three seniors on the team that are fourth liners that switched to Walpole Express over the last two years. It's a stretch calling them club. Get your facts straight before you come on here and post donkey.

Marshfield hasn't had a respectable town program in 20 years so all those kids play breakers, advantage and bandits.

Re: Town vs. Club

and those Marshfield kids STILL do not play for respectable teams!