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Re: Town A vs Tier I white vs. BHL national

OK, so let's eliminate the EHF Elite and E9 and also eliminate the EHF Tier I Black and BHL American divisions to make it more interesting. That being said, is there really any difference between Town A(1) hockey vs the EHF Tier I White and BHL National divisions??? Most kids playing in those low level select hockey divisions got cut from their Town A(1) teams.......

Who cares you fool!!'
If your kid is playing in those leagues at that level they are playing for fun and development not the D1 ride!!!!!!
They most likely have a coach that is a little better that some townie dad behind the bench and gets set practice and nice uni's
So let It go you fool


Most kids on those lower tier 1 teams didnt make the town A team!!!

Do the math, they left in a rage and joined one of those money vacuums .

Re: Town A vs Tier I white vs. BHL national

It depends on the town - many town programs are awful. Also, in town hockey, the teams are comprised of players from 2 years - not the one year they do in clubs. So, if your kid is a first year Squirt playing on the top town Squirt team, that's likely better than a lot of club teams that would only have kids his age.

Bottom line, every program is different - generalizations don't really work.