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Re: EHF, E9, or town

All in all the fed and e9 are equal. Anyone that tells you different is either ignorant, has no hockey knowledge, or is making money from the org.
Sometimes town leagues aren't too far behind.
Don't make a big deal out of it, let your child pay where he/she is challenged competitively and is enjoying the game with players and coaches that respect the game.

Sanity check in aisle 5.....

Are you out of your mind? Talk about self justification! The leagues are light years apart. I don't know you, but I know you (and your kid) tried out for an EHF Elite team and didn't make it. Rather than go EHF Tier 1 you stayed close to home with an E9 team. (totally understandable).

There is a reason, a real legit reason that all the higher end E9 players flock to the FED. Just like you will see in a couple weeks. Not for the bags or jackets, they are the same. It's to play with better competition on a better team. Period.

Save your speeches about the E9 for the boys at the 99.
Every word of this post is not true, except maybe "save your speeches." Please do, you have no idea what you're talking about.

I am so spot on you are looking over your shoulder.

You bringing Dusty Benderson to a FED tryout this year or staying put?

To beat a dead horse, having watched many (too many) tournaments and games between the leagues and seen players switch leagues back and forth - the only reality is that the top EHF teams are very strong and after that, they're interchangeable. It's about the coach and program, not the league. Especially once the hitting starts, it makes no difference where you are. Having a kid just wrap up high school hockey, I can make you one guarantee: no one cares where your kid played youth hockey.

Re: EHF, E9, or town

You are right! My best friend coaches a D-1 college team. He tells me that if a player didn't play in the fed when he was 12 years old, he won't even look at him.

Re: EHF, E9, or town

You are right! My best friend coaches a D-1 college team. He tells me that if a player didn't play in the fed when he was 12 years old, he won't even look at him.
LMAO that's funny...except these parents believe that's true.

Re: EHF, E9, or town

After having gone through this for many years to have a son to go to play Juniors and now in College the best advice I have for you is to enjoy the ride and let the kids have fun. I don't mean trophy for everyone fun but don't be that parent to jump team to team thinking the scouts are going to be here or there. I don't care what program the kid is in. What makes a player is their effort and coaching. No matter how many bags you have in your basement 90% of these kids wont play past high school. And at some point genetics takes over. If you are 5 foot 10 and your wife is 5 foot 3 you might want to teach him how to play golf because for every Johnny Gaudreau there is there is a 250 Adam McQuaids. Take a look at any D1 roster. My son did play in the EHF when it was 8-10 teams and they were good. The fact is 1 in the league ended up being drafted.

I wish the admin would get rid of posts like this. Any post putting the EHF in the same sentence with the BHL or E9 is extremely insulting.

Too many posts about the leagues all being the same, they are clearly worlds apart. Any Daddy with 1/2 a brain can figure out the following equation:

IHC, SSK, MMF, BJE, >>>> AI, EC Wiz, Boch, GB Bruins

This is true at every level.

I figured we'd here more from the 'equality' crowd following tryout cuts. Once the dust settled and the mileage receipts were being submitted from driving from Fed rink to Fed rink.

But alas, we live in an 'everyone gets a trophy' society. So God forbid one league is mentioned as better than the rest.

Did I say God? Do I need to apologize?


This guy is going to be that angry Dad who won't talk to his kid on the way home from his JV game in High School because he's thinking about the 10's of thousands of dollars he spent on Jr Bruins in squirts....good for you bud