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Re: Tryouts for 08's EHF

Again, I'm referring to younger ages like mites. It definitely gets harder as they get older.

Re: Tryouts for 08's EHF

Don't tell anyone BUT.... if you have not practiced with the team prior to tryouts and spoken to the coach, you might want to just send a check to all of them and then stay home. Your tryout fee is better characterized as a donation if they have not seen your child play. Even at this age the teams are picked prior to tryouts.
^^Completely true. Not as much fun to agree with someone on here but this is accurate. Email some EHF (and/or E9) coaches try and get your kid to some practices beforehand. Otherwise...unlikely to work out.

^^^^^^^^ 100% completely true.....looking at a team and the "Tryout fee" is more like thanks for your "Donation Fee" is like 80.00.

Do not listen to these nit wits. This is a common misconception perpetuated by parents who over evaluate thier kids talent and do not look at thier kids objectively.

You should be confident that your kid will make any team that he is trying out for. The key being proper self evaluation and placing him where he belongs. The parents claiming that he team is built are Tier 1 kids who did not make elite teams because they are Tier 1 kids.

Sure teams will stay together if the kids are good and the parents are good, but they will find a spot for your kid if he belongs. Of course they are not going to cut a kid an average that has been with the program for years for an average new kid.

But you should be trying to place your kid in a League/Division/Level/Team where he fits so that there will be no doubt that he will be selected, albeit part of this is doing your homework and touching base with the team prior helps as suggested.

But there are not too many kids with elite talent showing up at tryouts and being allowed to walk away... So its not that there was no space for your kid, more likely than not, you think he is better than he is or should be playing higher that he should !
You're saying the exact same thing as all the posts you quoted, except in many many more words. Gee thanks!