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Youth Hockey
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Re: 05 Tier 1 blowups...


thats funny. kids could not make the elite teams and you are here talking like they are not really town b players. enjoy being the organizations next best.

Keep dippin in my Kool-Aid jerk and you'll get a chin check! You and the monkey mouth from New Bedford can find a safe corner with all the other twinks and dinks to blow kisses at you're hoser every time we pop in another gino. We'll make all our man-kids shave their lip sweaters before the game so your princess doesn't get scared and quit in the lobby - game on Cinderella! Come back at me and I'll tell you how it is at the BIA - BIA for life bit**es!

ok light weight. As long as you keep buying your team gear and paying tryout fees to subsidize my kid, i'll buy you a kool aid at the snack shack to make up for my dippin and you can tell me how great you were in junior b during that 5 game stretch you got.
Oh boy, I'm having flashbacks of beating up handicapable kids at recess. Let's get you back in the game moron sauce - my earlier posts may not have been dripping with sincerity! Good to know you have a little zoomtard ripping it up with the big boys- boobs! So stick to what your good at Cleatus like eating crayons and giving brojobs in the parking lot for used chewing gum. Don't be such a honk- it'll help if you stop pretending you know how to read.

I'm having a hard time comprehending what he's saying too. Does a play on a team that plays against the Bandits and he is bragging about his kid beating up on a tier 1 WHITE team that is filled with half 06s?