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Re: E9 tryouts

Gallery God
Gallery God
On the whole, E9 tryout numbers have been anemic.

Too many teams not enough bodies to go around. Youth hockey at its breaking point.
How do you know the numbers have been anemic? That seems to be supported, and contradicted, by some posts above by people that have been there. I don't have any insight on it, just curious as to what you're basing your comment on.

You want a spreadsheet or a link to the cloud based solution with all the data? This is the D-board fella. I am commenting on what I have seen and what I have been told. There are lots of people in the hockey world who talk.

So you're basing your analysis on a sample of 10, maybe 15, teams? Out of hundreds across Massachusetts and New England. Cool story bro.

Re: E9 tryouts

And if people in "the hockey world" said something, take it as gospel.