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East Coast Maple Leafs

Anyone know about this new East Coast Maple Leafs program out of Hopedale? Valley League entry?

Re: East Coast Maple Leafs

Outlaws booted from rink. Was told it's a new Lovell program. Just starting so they will do independent select / elite teams and Valley league.m for lower teams. All the outlaw kids will end up in Valley league. I was also told he has two pretty good teams he's already assembled at the select/elite level. Independent teams will play all e9 teams next year. They are officially becoming e9 members year after next. Probably end up in BHL next year if they have enough competitive teams.

Re: East Coast Maple Leafs

Re: East Coast Maple Leafs

2006 PHL Premier Outlaws coach and most of the team heading over to the Maple Leafs. Think it will be an Outlaw exodus for many teams. Caron did not handle the transition properly. Most coaches didn't even know what was happening until it was announced. Most Valley coaches and parents were never told they were moving to NES either. It's a complete mess! Organization sucks!

In other news... new 2006 Outlaws coach needed.

Re: East Coast Maple Leafs

word is the actual talent, kids that had any right playing AAA or AA for that matter, have left for greener pastures. That 06 Maple Leaf team will be revamped before it actually heads to the BHL in a year. Full of benders.