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Youth Hockey
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Re: N Shore tryouts

I hear Advantage Ice was sending up the Bat signal for kids to come and tryout. I don't think they got nearly as many kids as they thought they would. An insider told me they were thinking of having another round of tryouts to pick up the cuts from all the other teams. What a waste of a great program. Hopefully the 07 /08 teams can help the program out. Congrats to the 03's

The Vipers looked in good shape as usual at tryouts with hundreds of white SUV's in the parking lot and half drunk mom's flirting with coaches, some dads also to be politically correct. I heard the 06,05 teams are having a goalie crisis and had to settle for less. One things for sure I'm sure there will be plenty of Viper apparel at the MASCO practices. Congrats to the 07 team on wins .

I did hear the IHC are creating more teams so that should tell you how much money there is to be made. Good luck in believing the delusional thought that your kid is going to get a scholarship or become a pro at 15.

No report on the Rangers but I did hear a lot of their kids signed weeks ago. Not sure if that's true or not but we'll see.

The Shame Rocks were full of kids with parents not yet ready for the Vipers payment contract but able to pay more than town.

Best of luck to everyone.

AI only having trouble with 04 year, as best players moved up to U14, leaving a weak core to attempt to play in next year. Its all about chasing the glory of elite hockey.