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Re: Sneaky Snakes Playoffs Q&A

Hey rumors how many Viper threads do you intend to start this week you might want to change your handle before starting another one pretending you are worried about tryouts. You along with the red team are in the lowest division so basically you can write the check and your kid made the flames lowest team. FYI Mr Outraged your MMF 02 Tier 1 team cheated as well bringing kids who have not played all season Flames are well known for that after talking to a few coaches everyone knows it and does it stop being so self righteous!!!

I love it. Team like the Vipers insulting other teams in the tier 1. So here is s question for you. The majority of organizations put two teams in. One in Elite. One in tier 1. EMHL of they have a 3rd. Vipers have their "Elite team" (and even they calll themselves elite) in tier 1 and their 2nd team in EMHL. So, here's a news flash for ya. Your best teams are playing most orgs 2nd best teams. Wonder how you would fair in the Elite division? Now that's reality. So while you are trashing the Flames for being in the lower division and only having to write a check to make the team, remember, your elite team isn't even in the elite division

You do understand how it works, right? The league founders have blocked the Vipers from the Elite division every year since they joined the Fed 4 years ago. That's even though one of the Vipers top teams was #2 in the country a couple of years ago. In the country. The Fed doesn't allow a program to have 2 teams in Tier 1 either. Keeping the circle small. People are making a lot of $$$$ off of kids, whose development is afterthought it seems. Doesn't excuse the cheaters on any team. But let's hold off on the halo for the Flames.

Vipers didn't have a team #2 in the country. Maybe in Tier 2, but you realize that's #2 in the minor leagues right? Nothing else you say has any credibility when you roll out that little piece of misinformation.