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Re: Junior Terriers Elite


You goofballs are all I have in this world.

It's you fools who start pen%s compensating about Elite/Tier 1 in every discussion on this board. It's like you can't help yourself, it consumes you. I agree, who cares where they play!! But when you push it you open yourself up to get slapped around. In life we still have levels and classifications. They exist for a reason. You may not like it or agree with it, but they exist. In the current design, "Elite" is higher than "Tier 1." I am not sure what else to say. We are devolving into an "everyone gets a trophy" society and nobody is better than anyone else.

That being said... sorry your kid got cut.

Sorry your kid got cut.
Wow, we really do have mental midgets on these boards.

In the REAL hockey world - as in, outside of MA and our ridiculous "Non-Elite Elite" world, USA Hockey has an actual ranking system. Tier 1 is the highest tier. The Elite Tier.

If your kid is the best of his age bracket, he will be drafted by a USHL team - the only Tier 1 Junior league in the country - when he is 16. Others will get opportunties to play there, if they are good enough.

Along those same lines, outside of MA, two leagues truly have the quality of play to hold themselves out as "elite." They are the High Performance Hockey League and the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League. HPHL spun out of T1EHL a few years back due to the travel required to play elite hockey at a national level. Before that T1EHL had the undisputed title as the country's best league.

So, Tier 1 = Elite. There is no difference between the two terms. One is not higher than the other.

Except here.

Thanks so much.

Elite > Tier 1 in Mass

Thus, sorry we live in Mass.

Re: Junior Terriers Elite

Shhhh! He likes PRETENDING his kid is Elite. It says so right on the jacket he wears to the rink.

It says "I like PRETENDING my kid is Elite" on his jacket? That jacket sucks!

Re: Junior Terriers Elite

One of the owners has had to jump in as there is no one running the ship.

Re: Junior Terriers Elite

Great place to get your bets in for Football season.