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2005E EHF Semis

Wow. Looks like there were 2 upsets in the Semis. CAPs over Flames and Islanders over Eagles. Who saw the games. What was the story? Goalies standing on their heads? Too many penalties? Or the better team (today) just won it?

Re: 2005E EHF Semis

I'm sure someone cheated somehow.

Re: 2005E EHF Semis

High school kids played

Re: 2005E EHF Semis

Couple kids got pimples on their foreheads. Really impacted their focus level. Oh yeah, kids this age don't even get pimples yet, my bad.

Re: 2005E EHF Semis

Caps was an upset....Islanders have beat the Eagles last 3 games....that wasn't an upset