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Re: What a season

Mr 05
What a great season for all in 05 division here in New England. Several great battles this year and I, for one, saw quite a bit of progress.
Epic battle #1 - Caps hater guy. Boy some person really had it in for the caps this year didn't they? Several posts back and forth, several jabs thrown. Seemed a bit personal too. In the end, results speak for themselves.
Epic battle #2 - I won't say his name, but it rhymes with "Spike". Certainly don't know what this person did, but I checked with the dboard admin and he holds the single season record for most posts about a parent.
Epic battle #3 - The Cape vs New England hockey. An emerging conglomerate from points due south exposing the evil that is WN (whoever he or she is) and finally realized that there's a lot of good hockey players over the bridge. The "who cares guy" emerged and seemed to stir the pot and really agitate this group. That was fun. Congratulations for the longest thread of the year.
Epic battle #4 - 05 TG. This reporter feels a bit like they're lumped in to the entire sludge bucket up north, but always some bitter posts here by folks with some strong opinions in both directions.

Progress #1 - 05 List Guy shows up on the scene. He offers insightful commentary on teams from both leagues (country and western). Sadly, he stopped posting as soon as the Pats lost their undefeated season...hmmm. Anyway, he is awarded with the first "OG Baker" award. As in, Oh gee, finally someone posts something on here without including the phrase sorry your kid got cut. Thanks for bringing some class to the board.

Ok so not a ton of progress. Let's remember, this isn't about the kids! It's about the parents! Let's all enjoy the summer and be ready to fill up the board next season with some classics.


Re: What a season

I'm not sure why the dboard has to take the summer off. We should continue to post throughout the summer in the spirit of making random crap up and posting opinions based on nothing as if they were facts. I am fine with occasionally drudging up the exact same information or false rumors repeatedly as if we have Alzheimer's. Let's continue the meaningless black hole debates over which league is better, which levels are equal to the inglorious town hockey and which organizations are utter trash. Why can't we keep launching random assaults at strangers and their kids? Who's stopping us from belittling everyone that isn't us? I know that I will certainly continue being better than all of you for the entire summer and into the future indefinitely - I don't see why I should refrain from hiding that message in passive aggressive posts about my kid for an entire season.

Re: What a season

The dBoard will slow down but the hardcore will be posting all spring & summer. If you are new to this, the following topics will undoubtedly show up. Which tournament team is best, how did they pick (insert name) team, which teams are just $$$ grabs, which tournaments are real, politics of New England youth hockey, etc. Sorry your kid got cut will still be posted along with "have your kid pick up a lax stick, baseball glove, etc." and 400 posts telling you how to spend your dollars & your time by well meaning know it alls. I'm just looking forward to the 05's getting a few years older because 02-05 group could seriously replace the '96-'98 year parents that used to make the Junior/College boards such an enjoyable read. I'm really looking forward to it.