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Re: Total Athletics

Can you guys share more about this Hurricanes/Bandits thing? I hadn't heard about that development. Thanks

Yes, my post about 3 organizations coming together was sarcasm. Sarcasm because WN thought he was back dooring the Bandits and taking their organization to the Cape, in particular the entire 04 team. And much like most of the things he says, it never happened. Not only did it not ever happen, the Hurricanes lost a god coach and players to the Bandits. Multiple people posted multiple predictions that this would happen so no one should be surprised

Re: Total Athletics

All teams except the 05's will be at least as good as last year.

Tryout numbers about the same as previous years down here. A little higher at some age groups.

Not sure if you are being facetious, as this organization did not exist last year !