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Re: Tryout Shenanigans


I also know enough to judge a kids' ability well enough to know whether a kid should be immediately cut. This kid should have been given the opportunity to complete the tryout process. It was not fair to the kid to deny him that...

^^^^^Says every crazy hockey parent who's kid doesn't make the cut.

darned if you do, darned if you don't.
If the kid gets cut early in the process: "he should've been given the opportunity to complete the process"
If he gets cut after day 3: "why did the program waste our time if they knew he wasn't making the team"

Cant win for losing with some hockey parents.

Re: Tryout Shenanigans

very true, i saw Warriors, Adv ice, rangers, dual state/islanders tyngsboro and seacoast players at multiple age groups...

Lot going on for you these days? Sounds like an interesting life you live....

Re: Tryout Shenanigans

Let's hear it. Last minute cuts, surprise appearances, lies, deals etc...There is always dirt and always treachery.

My favorite of the year, parent paying his kid a few hundred for having a good tryout....and then not making a team !