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Re: Tryout Shenanigans

It's tryouts, not sure how you define shenanigans and treachery. I think the only folks that are surprised are the "newbies". Just remember these simple three rules:

1) Don't believe the coach when he tells you that your kid is okay but doesn't offer a contract. If you find yourself in this scenario, start having your kid skate with other teams. Maybe he is going to be okay but better to be safe than sorry. When he doesn't get the contract, you shouldn't be surprised. (Yes, it's happened to my kid.)

2) Most organizations are not loyal, especially if the team isn't winning. If you don't have a contract in February, you need to be skating with other teams. See rule #1 but also remember, chances are the organization owner barely knows your kid. He doesn't care if you are easy going, you pay on time, etc. He just knows the team isn't doing well and that's bad for business.

3) Tryouts are a money maker for organizations. For most, the core of the team is set well ahead of tryouts so you are now among a large pool of kids trying out for the few remaining slots. There are so many variables that can affect how your kid does in a tryout, your chances of making team are increased exponentially if you skated with the team before hand.

Now with my "preaching" from the mountain top out of the way, I do know someone who had his kid skating with an elite team for a number of practices. The coach told him to bring him to tryouts, that he really liked how he looked but doesn't offer early contracts. Night one of tryouts he's talking to one of the parents on the elite team and learned the entire team had been filled prior to tryouts and later confirmed that evening with the coach. Not sure, does this qualify?

Good post. It's like this in all youth sports BTW. Hockey is not unique in this regard. Although it does start a little earlier in hockey so you should have an advantage over other parents in other sports when the time comes.

Re: Tryout Shenanigans


I also know enough to judge a kids' ability well enough to know whether a kid should be immediately cut. This kid should have been given the opportunity to complete the tryout process. It was not fair to the kid to deny him that...

^^^^^Says every crazy hockey parent who's kid doesn't make the cut.

darned if you do, darned if you don't.
If the kid gets cut early in the process: "he should've been given the opportunity to complete the process"
If he gets cut after day 3: "why did the program waste our time if they knew he wasn't making the team"

Cant win for losing with some hockey parents.

Re: Tryout Shenanigans

very true, i saw Warriors, Adv ice, rangers, dual state/islanders tyngsboro and seacoast players at multiple age groups...

Lot going on for you these days? Sounds like an interesting life you live....

Re: Tryout Shenanigans

Let's hear it. Last minute cuts, surprise appearances, lies, deals etc...There is always dirt and always treachery.

My favorite of the year, parent paying his kid a few hundred for having a good tryout....and then not making a team !