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Youth Hockey
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Re: 05 Q predictions

My first year in the EHF and I can tell you one thing the majority of the kids in the EHF are not high end kids. The top team all have a few then there is a drop off. I would call it over saturation of teams in MA. If you were to create 3 teams of the best kids around then you would have a truly elite team. In the end it does not mater just enjoy your time with your kids playing the great game of hockey because it will be over before you know it......

Re: 05 Q predictions

Interesting how anytime a kid moves to fed they become High End - if all these kids are high end they wouldn't be on 5th place e9 teams.

One of the kids is from the BJT so it was a inter EHF move.

Re: 05 Q predictions

BJE wouldn't be taking all 3 unless they were going to make the team better. So high end or not debate they are better than current players in EHF

Re: 05 Q predictions

Caps will make it, top EHF team, once again, no doubt.

Re: 05 Q predictions

And who Caps grab to put them over top???

Re: 05 Q predictions

Caps,Flames, BJT,BJE.... any 3 of the 4