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Youth Hockey
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Re: TSH at UVM

He does get real hockey people. no doubt.

However, 97% of the kids at this have no shot of playing at BU, BC, Harvard, etc. The other 3% certainly don't need this event to be seen as a 11/12/13 year old.

As long as those 97% keep playing the freight for these types of things, pockets keep getting lined and most kids don't get developed, cause that's not the goal. The goal is to sucker parents into thinking their little Johnny is "Elite" cause Dave Quinn is here to see him as an 11 year old.

It's a beautiful business model. Endless starving bent up demand with delivering just enough value to make them feel good. It's the youth hockey model for New England. Tried and true.

We have a bingo! Couldn't have said it better my self.
So what? Why does anyone care - in a negative way - that someone is making a living at hockey? Maybe it's because you can't imagine making $10,000 in a weekend (which isn't accurate, who knows how many hours and $$$ it takes to set all this up)?

Because they are kids. You dont F$%^ with kids and thats what all of these guys are doing and yet some parents open the checkbook with a smile. Society for some reason gives these guys a pass when all they are doing is exploiting kids and families with false hopes and lies. Take a look at all of the kids from just this weekend camps, how many are going to make their varsity high school team, or are mature enough right now to walk onto a varsity prep team. The answer is very few. The other 98% will play next year with their own age group just as they have always done, so what did these camps provide for your son this weekend? "A chance to play against some really good hockey players" if that is your answer then you are just trying to justify the fact that you feel right into the trap.
When anyone in their early 40's played, you played town, then if you were good enough you played on a district selects team, then either your high school or the former EJHL. If you were really good, you got invited to the HNIB tournament.
Not everyone got a trophy, and that was ok. Now, theses guys start these "camps" and pay for some coaches to come in to run skills or stand behind the bench and give a 1 hour talk, which means absolutely nothing. Sad state of affairs we have going on right now.
Nobody is F$%^ing with kids. Sounds good on paper. Except it isn't true. The KIDS are having a blast. Living the dream. Who knows which ones will make it?

The PARENTS that can't afford these can make better choices, but nobody has a gun to their heads. And I guarantee you they have $250 a month cell phone bills, $250 a month cable bills, $500 a month car leases times two. These used to be luxuries, now they are "necessities." Except, they really aren't. Find me a parent that is cancelling their cell phone plan to pay for their kids' hockey, and I'll start feeling bad for them.