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Youth Hockey
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Re: Lax

Compared to hockey it is hardly a physical sport. The biggest adjustment to 'physical play' is the constant, irritating slashing the ball carrier receives. Sure there is a bit more bumping than basketball and soccer but you hardly need size to play the game. The ground / turf is a lot more forgiving that ice, the speed of the collisions is much less and you never have to worry about going full blast into the boards.

The path to playing in college is totally different. We always point to a couple kids who live down the street from each other in our town. One was a very good hockey player, left his D-I / Super 8 high school team for prep, repeated a year, paid prep bills for two years, played in all of the showcase tournaments and maybe took a month a year off, was the captain of his team, started looking for a junior team to latch onto and then struggled to find a D-3 college team to take him. A couple doors down is a kid who is 6'2 and maybe 240 pounds of not much muscle...worse than a classic 'Dad Bod.' Kid can barely run the length of a lacrosse field, never works out (obviously), not too bright....and guess what? They both play a NCAA D-3 the same school!

Yes, because I'm sure you kid is going to play college hockey (eye roll) and I'm also sure your kid does not play lax too or your wouldn't be making the comparisons you do. Sorry your kid got cut from lax

Re: Lax

The lax dads taking the same bait all of the E9 dads take. Nobody really thinks lacrosse is easy, just like nobody really thinks the E9 is substantially inferior to EHF Elite.

Re: Lax

So the fat kid and the hockey "player" go to the same college.... the hockey player repeated a year when going to prep school and then took an extra year after high school to play juniors and the fat kid is the one that is not very bright? Sounds to me like the 21 year old freshman hockey player might be the one that is not very bright...... and keep in mind lax teams carry 40 kids and 16 ever touch the field so the fat slow kid will never play.