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Re: Average cost of spring tournaments

bragging about your son playing varsity for a d 3 western mass school is embarrassing. You should have known these spring/summer tourneys are just for the fun of it. If you thought putting your kid in one of these tourneys was in the hopes of getting him recognized, then you my friend are the biggest loser of all. I sign my kid up for these tourneys, and yes, a little pricey, but its all because the kid wants to play. Has a blast and gets to meet kids he otherwise would not meet by sticking with the regular season team. Oh yea, just so you know, my kid is good. Really good. Yet has not had a sniff from a D1 program. ****, I must be doing something wrong!

Do they have hockey in western ma? Your kid is good, really good, are you sure?

Re: Average cost of spring tournaments

Too much, they are a waste of both time & money.

Sorry your kid didn't get asked

Don't be too flattered by the invitation. They are asking you because they know you will pay. That's the sole prerequisite, talent secondary.

Re: Average cost of spring tournaments

so your kid got asked but you didnt want to waste your time and $??? Instead your boy sits home while you troll on the dboard... lucky him!!