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Re: Minuteman Flame Accusations

What did the Minuteman Flames owner Larue Renfroe know about the unscrupulous activity and behavior of his Tier 1 05 coach - Carlos Perez?

Here's the rundown...

1. LR knew that CP's kid belongs nowhere near a select team's roster. Suffice it to say that CP knows the only reason his kid is on any select team is that CP is the coach. Otherwise, that kid ends up on the Starhawks 2 team.

2. LR knew that CP verbally abused his players on a regular basis (example, "[So and so] sucks, get him off the ice"), and made several players cry on several different occasions.

3. LR knew that CP was having an affair with one of the moms on the team, right under the nose of the mom's husband. Honestly, nobody cares who is banging who, but it comes into play when things go south, and CP started playing favorites.

4. LR knew that more than half the team would leave if CP wasn't removed as coach at the conclusion of last season. This is the one that gets me going, because LR was warned that the kids were going to leave, so he could have prevented this entire situation, had he acted on the information.

5. LR knew that CP ran lame practices, and that he ran out of things to teach the kids. I can see this happening. It's a natural thing. Sometimes people are good mite coaches, some are good HS coaches. And so on and so on. But when the coach has overstayed his/her ability to provide good instruction to allow the skaters to continue to grow, then it's time for him/her to step down.

6. LR knew that CP was often intoxicated on the bench during games.

Keep in mind, this is not the entire list of unscrupulous behavior. Instead, it is simply a listing of things that LR knew about CP.

Re: Minuteman Flame Accusations

What was the result of all this for next year, is the coach back? This seems crazy to me?