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Re: News: EHF and 05 Tier 1 Minuteman Flame players

Two more sheets on the way though, so the money keeps flowing. Hey fed4life guy, keep promoting because you know they are all about developing your kid, right? They are playing you, but you keep pushing their message.

This horseh*t ain't elite fella. Read the hashtag closely.

What happens below the Show ain't on my radar. This sounds like an episode of AAA Dawson's Creek. White, Black, silver, parity, group sex.... Keep that foolishness out of my windshield.


The show? Lol...You're a complete moron pal.

Re: EHF and 05 Tier 1 Minuteman Flame players

This one is a dandy and sure to be a topic of further conversation. So, the latest news among the 05 teams at the New England Sports Center parity weekend involves the Fed's decision to uphold a rule regarding the release of multiple players from one team. Here's the story being circulated. Apparently as many as 8 or 9 families from the 05 Tier 1 Minuteman Flames left the team after the season because the head coach lacked "ethical and moral integrity" and these families were disgusted by the coaches actions and didn't want their children being exposed to such unacceptable behavior by a mentor figure. These players went off to find their own new opportunities by trying out for other teams. Some of these players landed on other EHF teams in the white and black division. They played for their respective new teams in this weekends parity tourney only to find out that the Minuteman Flames owner Larue Renfroe (who also owns the NE Sports Center) thought that a mass exodus of players from his tier 1 05 team would not look good for his organization. Renfroe decided to block those players from playing on other teams submitting a complaint to the Fed stating that the MMF organization never officially 'released' these players and therefore the teams who picked up these players are in violation of an EHF rule. Jack Sweeney, who is the director of operations for the Fed decided to uphold Renfroe's complaint and suspended all teams and players involved in the tournament for illegally playing on other teams without being released. If this story is true, then the Fed has hit an ultimate low and is totally bankrupt when it comes to integrity and the interest of the children.

Honestly though, could someone please step up and tell us if the mom is hot?

At the end of the day, we are all crazy hockey parents, this is still an anonymous message board, and we are still on the interweb.

Re: EHF and 05 Tier 1 Minuteman Flame players


Re: EHF and 05 Tier 1 Minuteman Flame players


Trashy gross or trashy hot?