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Re: 04 Warwick A becoming Caps 04 AAA for next season

SNEHC 10th Forward Rotater
Warwick Wave are one of the better town leagues around....A level teams at 05/06 and 03/04 age groups could challenge many BHL/EHF Tier 1 teams. They play 16 games in the EJEPL.

It is a good town league but lets not get ahead of ourselves. they just got decimated in the 04-05-06 age groups the last couple years so those teams are not going to be very good and are going to struggle this coming season. The entire 04 team took off to play for the Caps in the Silver division so although a good town team. they couldn't even place into black with some additions so lets give too much credit.

Silver? Why act like a fool?

ok so they are playing in white. So instead of playing against 03 and 04 birth year players on the top division they screwed themselves to play in white against only other 04's. so swapping a chance to play bigger stronger kids for the opportunity to play 2nd and 3rd groupings of 04's. good call.

Your kid is obviously not on the team so why do you care so much?

The 04 Caps still need to play in the WHITE parity tournament, so they could very well play in SILVER next year.

Maybe but it's highly unlikely. They did go 2-2 and beat the #1 Seed 7-2.

If EHF stayed at 12 they are in and so are the Friars, seems the EHF did some serious damage here going to 10.

I'll concede and say they will be a good White team along with the Friars.