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Re: EHF White

So if my kids organization has two teams 1 lost out in black the other not even trying for white is that an automatic white bid for the team in the white parity?

Re: EHF White

A Non
And the "mystery bye" will be given to CT Rangers for White. Flames got Black. Thanks for coming!

This is why the EHF is a fraud. 05 CT Rangers were in the white division last season with a grand total of 8 wins which put them in 10th place and no playoffs. Sounds to me they should get an auto bid. Absolute disgrace how this league does things...

lol. the team getting the bye the team that played in black last year not the white.

OK, so the 05 black CJR had 7 wins. The 05 white CJR had 8 wins. Neither of them were even close to the playoffs last season. They both should have to play thorough all the parity (just like the other organizations with multiple teams) with no justifiable reason for an auto bid to figure out what division to be put in. IHC has to do it, so don't tell me it has to do with who the owner of the organization is...

Same for IHC-Tyngsboro teams. IHC-Tyngsboro has two teams. Doesn't that mean that one of them has to be in white now with their ridiculous EHF rules? We will see what shenanigans the EHF tries to pull off at the end of this parity round. I would be willing to bet that both the IHC-Tyngsboro teams will be in the bottom half of the white parity standings but one of them will get into white because of the stupid "one team" rule. Just brings down the overall quality of the division again. Whatever team finishes higher in the parity standings and gets bumped from the white into the silver because they have to have a IHC-Tyngsboro team in white division should tell the league to go screw. EHF should just have the best teams make the different divisions and none of this "only one" team crap. Maybe it would bring back just a little credibility to the league now that it has 4,000,000 teams and not enough talent to fill all the teams with what they call Tier 1 hockey. Joke...

Totally agree and if you're the team on the bubble in the white tourney that doesn't make it and have to go to silver because the CT Rangers get the ole' into White just because of org tier limits that's BS. If you're smart now any org just adds a silver team to ensure getting into White.

Does anyone really care if there's two teams from one org in silver? Honestly, they're not going to turn people away in silver and tell them you belong in EMHL. Terriers have two teams in Black in 06(R and W), that's the same org. All Caps and Woonsocket are essentially the same org and they will have two teams in some white levels. So many contradictory rules it's like the Government.

Agree, and like the example of the Caps/Woonsocket, this will end up with the creation of more teams with different names. Parents will continue to pay which is why we have this giant mess in the first place. This truly is the generation of every kid gets a trophy.

How many kids do you know that went to multiple tryouts because the parents feel their kid got screwed etc. Getting cut can sometimes help kids figure out if they really want to play or not. These are the same parents who never skated before as well.

If your a team hopper you're the reason for this big mess! Teach little Johnny what it means to work hard, versus jumping to the shiny new penny!