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Re: Arlington wins Super 8

A ton of talk about high school hockey and "EHF Elite" kids.
Just a fact. AHS won the Super8 this year with "town C" players.
They played a system that fit the talent level and never waivered from it.
That is what wins championships. Get a good coach and stick with him. That is what that group did.
Oh and they also did it in baseball too!

you obviously don't know much about hockey then , Arlington was far from C level players , lots of strong talent . Along with a great tender .

With all the different options for full season hockey less and less are going the catholic route .

A public winning the Super 8 is more about the state of HS Hockey than anything else .

Mass HS Hockey is about four years away from becoming NH HS Hockey ......

If they are so good who is committed to a school. High School hockey is second and third rate to Junior and U18 now. The talent level simply isn't there anymore. No more MC powerhouses. Too bad but that Super 8 was horrible talent.

Re: Arlington wins Super 8

I hate to admit it because I love HS sports over club, but poster is right. My oldest played HS at a D1 school, just graduated. He's not a very good player compared to his little brother, who will be a frosh. The youngster heading the club route. Can't even compare the talent levels.